Zac Aynsley Bio Pic



Growing up, Zac Aynsley has been described as a “skinny kid.” Verbally bullied by his peers, Zac isolated himself, escaping into a world of video games for most of his childhood. Zac’s confidence soared when he began DJing. He finally found a way to fit in. It was in returning home after a wild three months of the DJ lifestyle in Kavos when Zac was struck with some difficult news about his health. At the age of 18, the doctor told him that he had the liver of a 50-year-old man. If he didn’t stop partying it could lead to liver failure or worse. Zac knew he had to turn his life around and immediately began to change his lifestyle. He soon started training to become a healthier person. This is where he found his passion and decided to turn to bodybuilding. Nothing made him feel better, more energized or healthier than training. Today Zac is a highly sought after talent in the fitness world who most recently has been featured by GQ Magazine and is being featured in global campaigns by Generation Iron.